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Colors are the first thing your audience see's even before reading the name of your business and learning about all you have to offer. Learn the meaning behind each color and how it impacts consumer choices.

What's the meaning behind your brand colors?

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Building your visuals and growing your brand can bring up a whole ocean of emotions and imposter syndrome that will threaten to stop you in your tracks. Growing your biz to the next level takes more than just a badass appearance, it takes a confident mindset.

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makes a WORLD of a difference.

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My Top 3 Favorite Resources EVERY biz owner should know about:

Cofounded by a woman (yessss!), Canva hasn't even been around for a decade and it already has a net worth of $40 billion and for a good reason. This extremely user friendly graphic design platform is a must have for all biz owners looking to up level their visual branding.

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This wonderful resource is a FREE image gallery with over 3 million images available to use for any project you may have. Their extensive library includes graphics, photos, renderings, textures and patterns all free to use, and easy to search through.

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The truth is the truth...I can recreate just about any template out there.
But why reinvent the wheel?
Creative Market is an incredible resource for all business owners with an endless amount of pre-designed assets at an affordable cost.

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Interested in more FREE resources?
The ULTIMATE Visual Brand Identity Guide includes a bonus list
of over 20 amazing and FREE resources for your biz! 

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