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Helping business owners like yourself build a consistent Visual Brand Identity (VBI) using incredible tools like Canva to better relate to your target audience, show up authentically, and feel confident in the way your business is portrayed visually.


Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business."

- Steve Forbes

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I’m Janelle.

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I am a senior graphic designer, strategic branding 

creator, and Canva Extraordinaire. My mission is to support and collaborate with business owners who are looking to create killer visuals and learn how to master the tools that can take their business to the next level.


Let me help you better connect with your audience and build up your confidence to reach

Canva-stic success!


Strategy, Templates and Real Time Design
to Bring your Brand to the
Next Level

There’s a science to designing your visual brand identity
and it all starts with a strategy.

Are you ready to build that strategy together?

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Get Clarity With
The ULTIMATE Visual Brand Identity Guide

Strategy is key in building a successful and relatable brand. Once your strategy is outlined, you will have a clear path to building the most important assets of your
visual brand identity:
Logo  |  Brand Colors   |   Fonts   |   
Images & Graphics

By completing this guide, not only will you get a clear understanding of your visual brand assets, but you will learn the consumer psychology behind choosing each asset and how you can make the best choices for your ideal audience.
Conquer your strategy and build your branding with confidence!

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The truth is the truth...I can recreate just about any template out there.
But why reinvent the wheel?
Creative Market is an incredible resource for all business owners with an endless amount of pre-designed assets at an affordable cost.

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Are you creating an online course and need help with your visuals?


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Check out my all inclusive online course creator packages that include:
• fully custom and on brand presentation slides
• ...

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